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Wheels and Tyres


Tyre Promotions

We are currently running tyre promotions on Michelin and Kleber agricultural tyres.

Cash back offers now available on Michelin & Kleber tyres.

Please ask the parts department for details on current promotions.



0% finance on agricultural tyres (min.£3500 max.£15.000) in a single transaction

Please contact the parts department for more information.




We are main stockists for Michelin, Kleber and Vredestein tyres, other makes can be obtained.

Our workshop is equipped with modern tyre handling machines, minimising tyre changing times.

We also offer an on farm tyre fitting service, please contact us for a competitive quote.


If you are looking for wheel rims, we stock many popular sizes.

Below is a small selection of wheels and tyres we stock.


Tyre prices quoted are plus vat and fitted free on our premises.

Please contact the parts department with your enquiries.


Size Make Specification Price
600 x 16 Vredestein 6 Ply - 3 Rib  
750 x 16 Vredestein 6 Ply - 3 Rib  
12.4/11 x 28 BKT X Ply  
12.4/11 x 32 Vredestein X Ply  
12.4/11 x 36 Seha X Ply  
12.4R24 Michelin Radial  
13.6R24 Michelin Radial  
14.9R28 Michelin Radial  
16.9R24 Michelin Radial  
18.4R38 Michelin Radial  
320/85R24 Vredestein Radial  
340/85R24 Vredestein Radial  
420/85R24 Taurus Radial  
420/85R38 Vredestein Radial  
460/85R38 Kleber Radial  
460/85R38 Vredestein Radial  
540/65R24 Michelin Radial  
540/65R24 Vredestein Radial  
540/65R28 Vredestein Radial  
600/65R38 Michelin Radial  
600/65R38 Vredestein Radial  
650/65R38 Vredestein Radial  
17.5L x 24 Site Master X Ply  
460/70R24 Michelin XMCL  
460/70R24 Mitas TI22  
300/80 x 15.3 Vredestein 138A8  
12.5/80 x 15.3 Vredestein 14 Ply  
Wheel Assemblies
Size Tyre Specification Price
600 x 16 Vredestein 3 Rib  
750 x 16 Vredestein 3 Rib  
300/80 x 15.3 Vredestein 138A8 Trailer  
12.5/80 x 15.3 Vredestein Trailer  
Prices subject to change without notice